What sets us apart?

When was the last time you heard its okay to fail? We are creating a movement of young scholars more focused on process rather than outcome. Nobody likes failure or rejection but we’ve learned success more often than not lies on the other side of those setbacks. Our future generation needs to be encouraged to learn and explore without fear. This is the essence of the Growth Mindset. Curious? Follow the links below to see us in action and what we can do for your future scholar!

FELC Rabbit


(6 weeks to 12 months)

Your scholar will enjoy being cuddled, rocked, read to, sung to, and stimulated with language throughout all interactions in our Infant Room.  While all educators will be involved with your scholar, for optimum development, your scholar will have  primary two educators who will learn what makes them happy, excited, and comforted….

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(12 months to 18 months)

Scholars grow and learn every day, thriving and reaching key development milestones as they learn to be on the move.  We help your scholar explore the world around them and make new discoveries while providing skills as building blocks for a lifetime of learning…

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Sea Turtles

(18 months to 24 months)

Our educators provide opportunities for your older scholar to explore and try new things while ensuring that they are a secure base to aid support when needed.  Each day includes opportunities for exciting, active learning experiences, such as water play and group games, as well as quieter interactions with educators and friends…

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(Pre-K Two)

Educators enhance your scholar’s learning experience by incorporating routine, fostering relationships, building vocabulary to communicate wants and needs, and potty training.  Our educators encourage scholars to gain independence as they explore the world, while reinterring that someone they depend on is always within reach when support is needed…

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Pre-K Threes

Our Pre K 3 classroom utilizes Creative Curriculum. Preschool scholars need opportunities to be themselves. They are learning how the world works through experimenting. We believe that scholars of this age need hands on experiences. They learn through their natural play and sitting at a table will not foster their creativity to learn how the world works…

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Pre-K Four

Our Pre K 4 preschool program features age-appropriate instruction in a stimulating learning environment. Composed of multiple research-based curriculums and learning tools, our comprehensive program is designed to fully prepare your scholar for Kindergarten success as they become problem solvers and lifelong learners…

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Before and After Care

We provide a safe, welcoming environment for school age scholars’ ages 5 to 12 years old. Our Before and After Care program provides breakfast, snack, and transportation to and from schools.  Care and transportation are available on early dismissal. Care is available during school closures and holidays. We encourage students to socialize, investigate, grow, and extend their learning.  Your scholar will have hands on assistants to finish homework, engage in group play and other creative activities that help them continue developing friendships, their sense of community, and responsibility.

Summer Camp

Your scholar will be involved all summer long in exciting activities, science projects and much more. Daily field trips that are educational, unforgettable, fun, and hands on activities.

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