Mission Statement
Using our proud traditions and diverse community, Young Scholars Academy prepares all students to become creative, ethical, and critical thinkers for lifelong success in a global society.

Vision Statement

Instilling Academic Success and Resiliency in ALL Scholars

  • Every scholar will become his or her best ethical and intellectual self.
  • Every educator will inspire students to strive for academic excellence and strength of character.
  • Every scholar will persevere to reach his or her highest social, emotional, and academic potential.
  • Every educator will leverage failure and mistakes as opportunities for the scholars to learn and grow.
  • Every educators objective is to make the process of learning fun and exciting again.
  • Every classroom will develop engaging and professional learning communities to support the Growth Mindset
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Core Beliefs

We believe…

  • a culture of caring is essential for learning reaching one’s full potential.
  • respect for oneself and others is fundamentally necessary to building self-worth and dignity.
  • taking responsibility for one’s actions enables scholars to thrive during challenges.
  • a safe environment establishes a sense of security which allows scholars to take chances on new ideas.
  • strong character sets the framework for good citizenship and social development.
  • every scholar deserves the opportunity to develop his or her potential to learn and grow.
  • intelligence is developed through attitude, effort, and perseverance.
  • mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn and grow, not as failure or a disappointment.
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What is growth mindset?

Why does your young scholar need a Growth Mindset to succeed in school and life?

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